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Endeavour Experience 2023! 🚀

We are immensely delighted and filled with excitement at the opportunity to have participated in the Endeavour Experience 2023 that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this past Thursday 29th. This prestigious entrepreneurial summit provided a remarkable platform for the generous sharing of knowledge and experiences among all attendees. ⚡

The event featured an exceptional program that allowed us to pose various questions and attentively listen to seasoned mentors. We had the privilege of selecting Gonzalo Varela from Winclap, a Growth Marketing Agency renowned for its expertise in scaling up prominent brands and developing innovative growth strategies. He delivered an interesting talk on "How to do more with less," where he shared insights from their journey as a developing agency and discussed their clients' capabilities and marketing strategies. Likewise, Emiliano Marchiori from Delenio engaged in an energetic discussion on "How to power my commercial strategy," highlighting the importance of achieving commercial growth while carefully considering fixed costs and acquisition expenses. He enthusiastically addressed all of our inquiries 📈.

Moreover, we had the opportunity to listen to esteemed speakers such as:

@Christian Corres, from Bing, enlightened us on the latest advancements in AI technology as applied to Microsoft's Edge software 🤳 .

Luciana Reznik, Co-founder & CEO of Cedalio, emphasized the significance of leading with authenticity rather than relying solely on successful recipes and book advice 📚.

Guibert Englebienne, Co-founder and President of Endeavour Argentina and also of Globant, shared his experience in establishing one of the most valuable IT companies in the world. He discussed the creation of large enterprises in Argentina, offering valuable insights and highlighting the potential application of their learnings in any entrepreneurial process 🌎.

And Santiago Bilinkis, Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Author, enlightened us on recent AI developments worldwide, explored essential skills, and expressed concerns about the immediate future. He guided us through critical thinking and emphasized the irreplaceable capabilities of some human skills 🤖.

Among many other experienced entrepreneurs.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of meeting extraordinary entrepreneurs—driven individuals passionately dedicated to their own projects, risking their time and future for what they believe in. The entire experience was undeniably exciting.

Thanks to all of those who participated and made this event possible! 👏

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