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"Leading the pack towards success one click at a time"

Are you looking to launch and establish your Amazon brand, drive substantial growth, or expand your market share? Unlock the potential of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and DSP (Demand-Side Platform) advertising now!


Brand Identity


MISION: “Ensure efficient and high-quality advertising solutions for brands in development”


VISION: “Managing ads resources on an advanced level creating value and growth opportunities to our customers”

VALUES:  "We take care of our customers' individual needs with accountability, agility, and integrity."

About Us

About Us


We are an Ads Consulting Agency located in Argentina providing B2B services to customers around the world.



Our mission is to ensure efficient and high-quality advertising solutions for brands in development.






We provide Amazon PPC      ( Pay- Per-Click) services for developing brands who want to start selling in this marketplace or build their campaign structure and a DSP (Demand Side Platforms) service for any brand looking to increase their web page views and consequently increase their sales. 


With a wide range of experience in the market and a broad network of connections in the Amazon world, we leave no issue unaddressed.

Portfolio Managmen

Welcome to the world of Amazon  PPC!

At DINGO we assist your brand during every step of the journey!

Why should

I sell on 



Amazon is the biggest marketplace right now with around 1.6M number of daily customers, selling $19.4B each month and with one of the highest Conversion Rates (CVR) on any other platform: 9.39% 


Having the right PPC Strategy for your brand its not only beneficial but necessary if you want to either grow your sales or position yourself with a higher organic rank against your competitors.

We support you during the 3 stages of your business in Amazon: Launching, Campaign Structure Building, Portfolio Management & Optimization while we deliver growth strategies for scaling your brand.



Whether its your first time launching a brand in Amazon or you still need some assistance with your Seller Central Account, DINGO is here for you.

Image by Scott Graham

Seller Central Account

The first step towards creating an account in Seller Central is establishing an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Once you have fulfilled the necessary requirements and managed your store's payment settings, you will be ready to proceed. Throughout these stages, DINGO is dedicated to offering the appropriate assistance and facilitating the filing process for this information.

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Supply Managment

Efficient supply management is crucial in cost optimization. Regardless of whether you have identified a specific product to sell or not, rushing the delivery of your merchandise before creating your listings ready can have damaging effects on your business. At DINGO, we offer support in connecting you with reliable suppliers for your product and advising you on the optimal timing to send your goods to an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouse.

Trabajadores de almacén con cascos

Inventory and Listing

Once your stock is in capable hands, your primary focus will shift towards ensuring accurate listing setup, incorporating appropriate A+ content, aligning prices with the market, and delivering relevant information on your headlines. These factors play an essential role in driving sales growth. But don't worry, at DINGO we know exactly what the difference between what makes a good listing and a great one is!

Campaigns Creation

At DINGO we'll create the ones most suitable for your brand based on target research and competitor analysis to drive sales and traffic towards your products.

These are the 3 types of campaigns in Amazon

Reunión al aire libre

Portfolio Managment

Listing Optimization

We monitor and analyze your listings based on their performance and conduct A/B testing to optimize the conversion rate (CVR). Our goal is to provide maximum visibility and increase sales.

Target Research

We conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-converting Search Terms for your products. By optimizing your PPC campaigns with these targeted keywords, we can attract more qualified traffic to your listings and increase your chances of conversions while minimizing wasted ad spend.

Competitors Analysis

 By identifying your top competitors and analyzing their investments, we can determine what strategies are effective. Based on this, we will develop a suited plan to help you stay ahead of your them, and grow your market share.

Smart Bidding

We employ advanced bid management strategies to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS) and maintain a low ACOS. Through careful monitoring and adjustments to CPC (Cost - Per - Click) bidding strategies, we aim to achieve the right balance between driving traffic, conversions, and profitability.

Rating & Reviews Managment

We categorize the reviews based on common themes or topics to identify recurring patterns and sentiments expressed by your customers. This helps us understand the key areas where we can provide actionable recomendations and increase your ratings and improve your customer feedback.

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